Hi Everyone!

This past week, I’ve gotten to know Berlin a bit more. I went to Mauerpark for the weekly flea market, I visited Museum Island, and beach volleyball has finally become a weekly event. As much as I enjoy traveling to different cities, I enjoy staying here on the weekends and exploring new parts of Berlin.


Value Network Principles: The company I work for describes itself as being “a competence center for energy efficiency, renewable energies, and intelligent energy systems.” It is an agency that provides consulting, studies and analyses, network platforms, and project and market development all focused on the three topics listed above. Its main goal is to aid in the advancement of the energy transition. In the division I work in, the focus is on mobility. The employees conduct studies and analyses for BMWi and other clients. They write up reports on the information they find after extensive research and also write up strategy papers and future scenarios. The employees working in this division must have some background knowledge on the topic or must be familiar with energy efficiency/renewables.