Blogpost 5: Midpoint

Approaching the midpoint of this trip, I am finding this international experience to highly to differ from past travels. I have studied abroad once before this trip. Aside from that, I have traveled to Europe around four times with my family. Clearly the difference from my family vacations to the study abroad were large. Traveling alone for the first time internationally was an exciting and nervous experience all together. Ever since I was little, I have had the opportunity to travel with my family to numerous places. Having this travel experience, I was ready to get to travel on my own. For the study abroad, it was a two-month program, taking classes in both Paris and Prague. It was through CIEE so I was with students from all over the states. I had a wonderful experience, and was eager to take on my next European summer with my own University of Pittsburgh family.

Though I am having a great time, this trip has been quite a difference experience than those prior. Coming into this, I had the expectation that this trip would reflect much of my last study abroad experience. This experience has been very different, not necessarily in a good or bad light but just an overall different experience.

I came to Berlin for this internship because I was excited to take advantage of the opportunity to work in a prominent restored city. Berlin has rebuilt itself from the destruction of the war, and internally bridged it’s differences from the time the wall has been down.

Though my experience has not aligned with my prior expectations, it has created a new journey of its own. Working full-time has made this seem like a more  “real-life” scenario, in a sense as opposed to a vacation/typical study abroad. It has been interesting trying to find the balance between work and sight-seeing, as the weekends are mainly the time to do the exploring because once the work day is done most places are approaching closing time. Through this past month, I have been adapting to this new journey, I am not sure if I will every feel fully adapted come the end of the trip but I am hoping to find the balance between the week and weekend. Luckily, it seems that each week I have been improving in this balancing act.

This trip has been a rewarding, scary, eye-opening, exhausting, yet exciting journey.

Let’s see what part two has in store.