Rob Dolce: Berlin IIP Blog Week 5

This week I am going to write about the Global/National environment. First off, my business sector is affected by some interest factors, most being technological being that it is a tech based startup. Right now, there are some very interesting developments in internet security, privacy, and data storage that are just now beginning to become quite popular in the technology industry. As these technologies become more and more mainstream, firms that are using them and firms that want to adopt them have the potential to see a big boost in funding or efficiency, depending on how they are using them in the market. The more these technologies become more mainstream and covered by the media, they’re use will draw the attention of investors who will hopefully want to provide funding and finance the development of these technologies. The firm that I work for plays a role in various national and international factors. First, the company operates internationally, mainly in the US but also very strongly across the EU and in England, which now might begin to cause some complications with the passing of the Brexit bills and the departure from the EU. Since that decision is largely a concern for the future, it hasn’t provided much issue for the company, but I would be very interested to see in the future how it ends up playing out. Additionally, since we do copyright licensing, the various bills and policies that are being considered by the EU and by the various other operating countries play a big role in how the firm handles business. Since a lot of policy and legislature can dictate what gets done and how it gets done, there needs to be an important emphasis on what is being passed and what could be passed in various legislatures.