Cult Beauty

When I received my internship placement, I had never heard of Cult Beauty. After some initial background research I discovered that Cult is an up-and-coming online makeup retailer, founded by a model and fashion journalist. The company started in 2008 with the mission to sell only “cult” products. They describe these products as a something that makes you immediately want to call a friend about, a product that genuinely makes your life better, and a product that exceeds all expectations. The founder noticed a disconnect between what makeup retailers were selling and the products that models and makeup artists were actually using. Cult Beauty only sells products that meet or exceed their beauty standards.


I am working in the finance department with a great group of people. While the company started very small, with only a handful of people, it is rapidly growing. It is amazing to be a small part of this entity that is growing so quickly. I thought that I would pretty much be confined to a desk, working on a computer and working with the different functions of the finance department. While I was very excited to learn from these people, I also had an amazing opportunity to go to the warehouse where the operations are run. Retailers have to participate in stock-counts at year end, where they count all of the current inventory. This process took place during my second week of work and I was lucky enough to take a trip east of the city to see the warehouse.

I never really thought about the process that is triggered when I order a product online. I normally just place an order and wait restlessly for a few days until my package arrives. But now I see the order come in through the system, get picked up by the pickers weaving their way through the warehouse aisles, who give the products to the packers, who get the package shipped out. The operations side and the business side of the company are two interdependent trains both hurtling along the track at a rapid pace. The customers want their products as fast as possible; Suppliers want to get paid as fast as possible.

After seeing the warehouse and how the operations of the company are run, I settled into the finance department. I have already learned so much in so little time. The first few invoices that I posted I triple-checked every input that I did, and now I’m down to a simple double-checking of my work, so I would say I’m definitely improving! I have met a lot of people who are really invested in explaining concepts to me, even outside of the work that I am doing. I’ve had interesting conversations about healthcare, education, and even taxes with some of the most experienced professionals I’ve encountered!

I am so lucky to be a piece of this company that is rapidly hurtling towards worldwide success.

Look out for my next blog when I tell you about some of my favorite experiences in London so far!