Fundación Pilares in Action!

I have now been working at Fundación Pilares for two weeks in Palermo, and I have gained important professional experience as well as seen the organization’s mission firsthand. Fundación Pilares is a non-profit organization that works with families in vulnerable positions in Buenos Aires and it is amazing to see all that they do to help the community!

A fellow classmate and I are working to prepare a campaign for the ninth anniversary of Pilares by developing a marketing strategy for potential donors along with helping Pilares become more well know throughout Argentina and even internationally.  We came up with the idea of a ‘wish’ for the theme and through this we are asking members of the team to express their wish for the future of Pilares.  Throughout our time working at Pilares, we will be working on the campaign as well as taking video of each team member expressing their wish.  I am so excited to start filming and to continue working on making this anniversary the best it can be.

The majority of our work is done in the office; however, we had the opportunity to visit the neighborhoods in which Pilares operates, which are called Villas 21-24. Although these families are in vulnerable positions, it was amazing to see all that Pilares is doing to help. The first center we visited helps develop children through elementary education and the second center is focused on helping mothers and children under three years old. All the volunteers and staff are so dedicated to what they do and it was great to see them working towards such a great cause. During our visit to the villas, we had the opportunity to help with the children and it was so moving to see how happy the children were in such a great organization.  I cannot wait to continue my work at Pilares and discover all the organization stands for!