Walking Through the Path of Success

During the second week at my workplace, I had the opportunity to assist on Wednesday to a convention about construction and engineering in the green sector with Vivid Edge’s Technical Director. It was very interesting to learn so much about other companies working on renewables and a sustainable energy future, and also to see how Irish people do business and network with each other in this field. I learned more about my company as well, every time I had a question I asked my Technical Director. For instance, if my company made a deal with a company that produces LED lighting, they would buy the assets and then provide that lighting as a service to their clients. I did not understand this before, I thought my company, Vivid Edge, would use the lighting company as a supplier and work together for their clients’ services. Although I did know Vivid Edge owned the assets from the client’s perspective, I just did not realize until yesterday they buy the equipment from other company and do not work together with such company as a supplier.

Besides work, I also explored a little bit more outside of the city center. I visited Howth peninsula last Sunday located on the north side of Dublin Bay. I was amazed to find such a place with incredible cliffs so near to the city. I walked through the Cliff Path Loop for six kilometers in a beautiful sunny day where at the end of my path I experimented the bipolar “Irish” weather. Suddenly there was a storm approaching to the peninsula and I ended up being all drenched with a broken umbrella included. On my way back to the start point, it was already sunny with no clouds in the sky.

I actually think I am just getting used to this unexpected weather and enjoying this amazing experience to the fullest!


Howth, Dublin