From Urban to Rural

-Attitudes and Beliefs Towards Travel-

A few weeks ago, I visited my host brother Luca in Osterwald Unterende, Hannover. Three years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing Germany for the first time through participating in an exchange program in high school. During my three week stay, I went to Luca’s school the Geschwister Scholl Gymansium and went on small trips in and around the region. Three weeks exposed me to a variety of experiences, but this to-be 3 month journey already allowed me to absorb things slowly and reflect on them.

While I admire the ambitious globetrotter who nails a new destination every week, I also value staying in one place for a while and enjoying the activities before making the decision to move on. I probably will just visit one other country at most during my stay in Germany and I’m totally okay with that! In the meantime, I’ll continue to explore the huge city of Berlin and even make a few national trips.

Taking the ICE, a type of train provided by Deutsche Bahn, really lets one see the fast-changing landscape of Germany. When the ICE sped out of the city, the urban sprawl faded to rural quite quickly. What I found really beautiful was seeing how relatively flat the land was and the wind turbine that littered the fields.

Luca’s family lives in a small town called Osterwald Unterende. It’s drastically different from Berlin because it’s extremely spaced out and very quiet. Many farms coexist with residential homes and it creates a very unique community. The residences in Berlin are compact and are in the form of apartment buildings that climb high, whereas the homes in Osterwald Unterende have their own yards. On this trip to Osterwald, I spent more time with Luca walking around and exploring the wooded areas and bike around the town and pastures. I’ve never seen so much land without any buildings in sight!

I’m really interested in seeing the different sides of Germany, and experiencing drastically different places like Berlin and Hannover really motivated me to explore other cities within in the country as well.