A Lack of Technology Focus

The one thing I have noticed since working for the KPMG Prague office is that they don’t have a strong technology presence. My boss has some programming experience and one of my fellow interns is studying computer science in college, but there are no designated programmers in the company. This greatly surprised me. KPMG is a Big Four company, a household name, a company that is pushing progress. But this can only go so far if they do not start investing in technology. Technology is the future for most companies and can  be used to improve multiple departments. I did research into the other Big Four companies when I was first given my project to see what the other companies technology departments were working on. Through this, I found that KPMG was the only one to not have a technology section of their website and two of the other three companies had monthly technology newsletters. There is a major opportunity for them to explore in the technology sector. I am honored to start this search for them. I have already completed one of their projects, and now that I have two other interns to help me out, I can only imagine how much we will be able to complete by the end of our stay. My only hope is that, after we leave, they continue the pursuit of a legitimate technology department and continue advancing.