Over halfway done

Onto week four in Sydney and the end being near is pretty depressing. Queenstown was amazing last weekend and this weekend my friends and I are going to Cairns to go to the Great Barrier Reef! So far this trip has been nothing less than amazing and I am dreading  the day I am going to have to leave this wonderful city.

I think the most unbelievable thing that I did in Queenstown was take a helicopter up to the top of The Remarkables which is a huge mountain range. It got its name because they are one of the only mountain ranges to run directly north-south.

I also got to finally pet a Kangaroo last weekend at featherdale national park. I didn’t know they would be so friendly! The Blue Mountains were also spectacular with amazing views and a pretty hard hike.

My internship and class have also been amazing. I am doing a lot of digital media and posting different things on social media platforms. It is so much fun and I don’t want to leave.

I am currently trying to plan a trip the last weekend to Tasmania! It seems like we don’t have any time left to do any more exploring. I guess I will just have to come back here again one day!

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