Everything I Want to Do in London Involves Cheese

Anyone who knows me, knows I am utterly obsessed with cheese. Mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese, pasta with cheese, pizza, mozzarella sticks – literally anything covered or containing cheese I will eat.

Before coming to London, I saw a Facebook video about “The Cheese Bar” which was opening in London right before I arrived. The Cheese Bar is exactly what it sounds like, a restaurant devoted to anything and everything cheesy and delicious. From a four cheese pasta to bleu cheese ice cream, this place had everything I was hoping to find during my time abroad.

But my list didn’t stop at The Cheese Bar. My itinerary of places I had to go included not two more, but three more cheese themed restaurants I just had to see. This included Maxwell’s, famous for their cheeseburger that comes with a mason jar of cheese beside it for you to pour on and enjoy. The Cheese Wheel, a place that cooks your pasta inside a wheel of parmesan. And finally, Ye Old Cheshire Cheese which I’m sure you can guess what they specialize in.

Last Friday, my roommates and I were walking around the Camden Market (an overwhelming place to say the least) and that’s when I saw it. The yellow writing jumped out at me and I literally gasped. Oh my god, that’s The Cheese Bar. I didn’t care if they didnMore Cheese‘t want to come with me, I was sitting myself down in that bar and eating anything and everything I dreamed of.

It’s a relatively retro place to go and eat, with a list of their house cheeses on the back wall and high top tables with cheese lovers left and right. I ordered the grilled cheese, and to no surprise, it was one of the best I’ve ever had. I’m still thinking about it and it’s been 5 whole days.

My friend from home is coming on Friday to start his study abroad program, and I am already planning on taking him to a cheese themed restaurant when he gets here.

Until next time,