Entering Crisis Mode

Last week at work, something completely unexpected happened. Our main sea freight carrier, MSC, threatened to block our shipments if we didn’t approve 2.2 million dollars of invoices before the next payment day. Our team explained to us that in order for the invoices to be paid in time, we need to be able to approve over 500 invoices by the end of Monday. Monday, as in, tomorrow.

The main issues steams from the inaccurate invoices we received from MSC in the first place. Either they charged us the wrong amount or they addressed it to us incorrectly. No matter what, when we find discrepancies with the invoices we are required to reject them and put them into a disputed folder that is sent back to the carrier. MSC claims that the invoices should be approved because they weren’t informed of the pricing change and these invoices are overdue. Last Thursday, ABI upper management had a call with the CFO of MSC to explain the situation and reach a conclusion.

After being informed of the situation at the end of Tuesday, we only had a couple of days of being in crisis mode to solve the situation. Tomorrow I will learn if there has been any new developments with the situation or if upper management has reached a new agreement. Watching this situation unfold has truly been an eye-opening experience and I’m excited that I get to help out with such an intense and important situation when our team is short-staffed last week.  Hopefully we will receive good news tomorrow about the situation and make sure it is all handled before the end of the workday!