Week 4 in Dublin

During my third week at Kilbride Consulting, I  finally started to be given more responsibility. At first I was doing simple small tasks given to me by coworkers, but now I am really starting to get insight into how the consulting and accounting industry works. Currently I am working on corporate tax returns for small businesses in Dublin, and every day I’m becoming more independent and comfortable with my projects.

One thing I’ve noticed so far is that communication plays a much bigger role than I initially thought. Every day the my co-workers are on the phone with their clients, and sending out dozens of emails, mostly relating to taxes or just other financial questions. Our firm has to request a lot of information to be able to do tax returns and sometimes the clients can be quite incompetent/forgetful, so you have to be very patient with them and even leave multiple follow-up phone calls and emails. The whole process can be really stressful especially when deadlines and Irish Revenue (equivalent of IRS) are involved.  In the consulting industry, a lot of new clients come from recommendations by other clients, so keeping positive inter-personal relationships with clients is a must. I also think when you are selling a service as opposed to a good, quality of the work and customer service play a large role when deciding if you will do business with that company again in the future. Kilbride is really good at this, and they gave a very loyal client pool that they have been working with for years.

As for the rest of the trip, I’m enjoying getting to know Dublin and I finally feel comfortable navigating the downtown area. I’ve gotten to see some beautiful Irish scenery via some intense hiking trips, and I’ve also done most of the tourist attractions in Dublin. The weeks are already flying by and I know it’ll be over very quickly, so I’m trying my best to embrace the Irish culture while I’m here.