Job Environment


My job in the insurance industry is greatly affected by the economy and advancing technological features of businesses. In Ireland right now, they seem to be going through a steady economic period. This causes people to want to purchase expensive items and therefore insure them through various companies such as the one I work for. When people are able and willing to purchase insurance for various objects, it causes the need for a brokerage firm to rise and they begin to obtain more clientele. However, due to technological advances, the need for a middleman will soon become less and less as more people realize how much more convenient it is to just do your own insurance quotes online instead of paying someone to do it for you. So even though technology is a great thing and helps a lot of businesses, it might be the start of the downfall of brokerage firms as people become more self-sufficient.

An important issue facing Ireland today was the recent election of their first openly gay prime minister. In the company I work for, even though it would seem to be more conservative on social issues, viewpoints was very accepting and no one seemed phased by the news. I took this as no matter what someone might do for a living here, it does not define your viewpoints as much as it would in the United States. As for the importance in the company as an important feature of the Irish economy, I believe that sinceIreland does not seem to be as tech savvy as America, the need for the broker middle man is still high in demand, as many of their customers still go without emails. So the service they provide in being able to provide claims to those who might not have the knowledge to do it themselves is still of very high importance.