Rob Dolce: IIP Berlin

For this blog I am going to write about company/professional issues. I would describe the “organizational culture” of a firm like mine in the tech industry to be that of a very unique one. I personally think that due to the nature of startups in the tech industry, and of startups in general, the vast amount of uncertainty in the firm and the future of the firm is a major driver in the kind of culture that it breeds. I find the culture to be very highly organized, but not in the manner of having very restrictive policies and values in the company. The organization that I see is more along the lines of how the company is very specifically organized into teams and projects, and the freedom and initiative that is given to the specific teams in the firm. In this way, the projects and tasks for growing the company can be organized and visualized in a couple of different levels: projects for the company as a whole, the individual projects and goals for each specific team, and how these both overlap each other and work together for a specific result, but done through separate moving parts. This also highlights the very open, and not quite formal nature of the firm. Since there is no “federal” rules and the teams work individually like “states”, there is a much closer and personal bond between the members of the actual team, since they are organized based on a common goal. This leads to a more friendly and informal environment, since your team members feel more like friends than they feel like colleagues or just coworkers. This openness breeds more creativity and allows for a higher performance work environment since people feel more self-motivated and determined when they are in control of their work and projects.