Cuenca and Valencia: From the Mountains to the Ocean

Last weekend, I traveled for the last time inside Spain. My company organized these trips for last weekend, so I decided to join them on this amazing experience. I worked as a coordinator for both trips along a group of other interns from my office. It sounds strange and tiring to say that you also work over the weekends, but it was a great experience for my professional and personal development. Also, it is a job that requires you to be responsible, reliable and social with all participants. I went on Saturday to Cuenca, and on Sunday to the seashore of Valencia.


In Cuenca, we visited The Enchanted City. This is a natural park which consists of looking at huge rocks with different shapes because of erosion and the high altitude. We were over 5,000 feet above sea level so the rain, snow and wind gave the rocks beautiful shapes for many centuries. Some of the natural sculptures have shapes related to common objects so they are called the dog, the bridge and the man’s face. Something that I would suggest to the owners of the park is to have a guided tour or audio guides because through them you can learn more about the formation of these rocks as well as natural species like trees.


Later, we went to the center and historical part of the city of Cuenca. We ordered tapas for most of the group and I was in charge of this transaction. Even outside of the office I could work with money and keeping track of expenses. At this lunch time, I met other students and young adults who went on the trip. The best part is that I met and talked with a young man from my hometown, Bogotá, and made me realize that thanks to immigration it is possible to find better opportunities for your life. Spain is a country that welcomes everyone, even refugees, so that is why is so diverse and an important Hispanic colony. Well, at the end of the day we had a guided tour in English and took spectacular photos of this rocky city.


In Valencia, we had a beach day in order to enjoy the sun, ocean and relax in a different environment. On this trip, I was able to find differences between cultures. I was in front of the bus and at the beach with a group of Latin Americans. We were very loud all the time, even when the rest of the bus was trying to sleep. We told stories from our childhood, family life and cultural experiences. The best part of our group was that a man from Cuba join us and told us how locals live and find ways to survive in this developing country. Inside of me, I felt sorry for how badly is the living situation in Cuba, but it me happy to see that locals are very proud of their culture. The other part of our group, students from the US and other parts of Europe, were more reserved and I saw that they just interacted with their own group of friends. I think that is part of the Hispanic culture to be more friendly with strangers and share your personal life without knowing that person. I would say that I achieved my dream of being surrounded by people from different parts of the world by doing my internship in Spain!