Work Assingments

Throughout this week, I have been working on developing the website for my workplace. I had a presentation on Wednesday which was basically to show the CEO, CFO, and Technical Director all the changes and suggestions I have designed to rebuild a much modern website layout. They are very happy with what I have achieved so far and they also want me to make the website images more personal. Consequently, I will be taking pictures around Dublin city center and suburbs, and I will try to connect them with the company’s mission and values as well.

In addition, I have been helping out to create some slides for a PPT presentation the company has with a potential client the following week. These slides contain risk registers; therefore, I had to summarize all the risks by project risk and ongoing risk on a chart. For project risks, we mentioned three principal risks: scope, delay, and project management; while for ongoing risks we had: credit, technology, regulatory, market, strategic, operational, and reputation risk. They all have a potential risk impact and a residual risk likelihood where we scale them from low-to-high. We also listed on separate column a group of factors in order to mitigate these risks.

On Friday, we had a meeting at the office to discuss further steps the company needs to make to implement a well-organized public relations strategic plan.

Besides work, celebrating the 4th of July out of the States was very interesting and different. Although Irish people do not celebrate this day, my friends and I did celebrate it at an American bar in Dublin city center. Eating wings, ribs, and French fries was the best way to spend and celebrate the Independence Day here in Ireland, even though we did miss the fireworks and the American flags waving everywhere.