Global Environments

Before writing this blog post I was going through the list of topics to make sure I was hitting everything and one I missed was the global and national environment and the external factors affecting the company I work for. I began to think about something interesting I learned while on my trip in Liberec.
This entire time I thought BPR had an office in the United States, thats what it says on their website and on almost all of their social media sites. But I learned that there is no physical office, only a contact in the U.S. and that contact is the managing directors 21 year old daughter who studies at the University of New Hampshire. I also learned that the office in Bratislava only has one woman working there. And do I need to repeat how shocked I was when I first visited the office I work in now? The converted apartment with four desks in it. It seems to me that it is beneficial for BPR to have these offices surrounding the headquarters because they have more options to hold events in different places, have more contacts, and perhaps seem bigger than they are (I sure fell for it). So while BPR can seem like a global business from the outside, I truly have my doubts saying that.

However, I think the ever-changing technological environment has opened many opportunities for BPR as a public relations and marketing company. Right now I am working on BPR’s personal marketing campaign and my role has been researching advertising through search engines and social media. It is incredible the reach campaigns can have only using simple marketing online and I believe that has put BPR at an advantage as a public relations and marketing company, not only for themselves but also when they are serving their clients. Technology is also global in the world of marketing and public relations, I think with the right strategy, BPR could potentially have larger offices and clients at their non headquarters locations like Prague, Bratislava and maybe even the U.S.