One Month Left

A few days ago was the first time that I realized that my time in Dublin is quickly dwindling away.  With just over one month left, I still have my far share of experiences to be gained.  This weekend, I am flying off to Amsterdam with a few of my friends who are also in Europe.  I am happy to head away from Dublin for the week as I have not left this city in a month and a half!

In regards to work, I have been moved to the sales department at my internship.  I was told by my supervisor that he liked my phone skills, so I have been working on making cold calls to hotels and conference centers in efforts to make a few sales.  Time flies by when I’m dialing away on the phones – but to be honest the phone calls become tedious and I’m hoping to move to a new department next week.

With little time left in Dublin, I am scrambling to experience more scenic and memorable things.  My parents are visiting for two weekends in late July, so I am hoping to enjoy some unique aspects of Dublin’s city centre during those weekends.  After my parents leave however, it will already be my last weekend here.  And while a month might seem far away, last month flew by in no time – but as long as I enjoy myself until I go, I am sure when it comes time to pack my bags I’ll be ready.