Booley’s House

Updates: Brie and I recently traveled to Amsterdam for the past weekend! We packed a lot in one trip, but it was well worth it. We planned out events, tours, and activities to do the entire weekend so we could take advantage of everything that was there. Our first day there, we started our day off with a walking tour around Amsterdam. A nice perk included eating 3-year-old Gouda! Delicious! The tour also included sights such as the original Dutch East India Trading Company building, the smallest house in Amsterdam, and various other sites. We grabbed lunch, walked around the city a bit more, and then went on the Red Light District walking tour which happened to be a lot of fun.

The second day included a tour through the Heineken Brewery. We watched and learned the process of making beer! Later that day, we strolled through NEMO, a 5-floor interactive science museum meant for kids, but we really enjoyed it. Next, we rode on a free canal tour through Amsterdam and saw the famous view of 7 bridges at once.

On our third and last day, we started off going to the Anne Frank House. Out of respect, I didn’t take any pictures. Out of all the activities and events we did this weekend, this one was the most interesting and intriguing. We bought some of the last tickets available for that weekend, so we were lucky. After this, we went to the Van Gogh Museum. I was so excited to see Starry Night! As I went through the museum, I stumbled across Irises, Sunflowers, and a few other favorites. But, after some googling, I found out Starry Night is at MOMA and was subsequently upset (It really should be at the Van Gogh Museum). We both were starving after this and went to the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to in a long time. I really just have to post a picture because it was that good.

All-in-all, this weekend was a packed but fun and exciting weekend. It was a bit bittersweet for me, since Amsterdam was my last trip in Europe. It was a great way to end things! I’m looking forward to the last 2 weekends here in Berlin. They’ll be even more bittersweet, especially because I’ll be parting with a great group of people.

More updates to come soon!