The Brexit and Beyond: How the International and National Political Environment is affecting Linked Finance

The biggest political event going on currently in Europe is the Brexit. The Brexit is essentially Britain’s exit from the European Union. The biggest question in Ireland and the rest of the European nations that are currently in the European Union is that if Britain undergoes this ‘Brexit’ how will it effect the rest of the nations. Not only will this have a huge impact politically, but it will also cause a major change within all of the other country’s economies.

The Brexit will not only have major impacts on whole nations, when scaling down the scenario it will even have effects on businesses such as Linked Finance. Recently in May, Linked Finance was awarded the approval from the British government to be able to conduct business in the UK. Not knowing what the Brexit will do to the economy, both the British and Irish economies, Linked Finance has to constantly be aware of changes or new regulations put into place to continue business as usual.

Linked Finance has great potential to become a staple in the P2P Lending market in the UK, and potentially to expand beyond there. There is major growth opportunities if Linked Finance is able to go global. If the Brexit wasn’t occurring they could most likely remain on a stable track to become a global name, but with this event underway they will likely face challenging times to stay at the forefront of their industry.

Currently in the Irish market Linked Finance has no regulations. However, with influences of other nations and with the expansion into the UK there is a greater chance that regulations will likely be incurred in the near future. These regulations have the potential to become a major influence on Linked Finance and the environment that its in. All in all, Linked Finance is in a fast paced market that has influencing political factors such as the Brexit that will likely cause changes in the way that Linked Finance conducts business not only nationally, but internationally as well.