Anest in Berlin Week 9

Time is winding down very fast and there are now less than 2 weeks left in Berlin. My work week was pretty standard as I am still picking up new skills and gaining real world experience day after day. Working together with clients to accomplish their goals has been something that I have enjoyed tremendously and the feeling of accomplishment when we help a client makes work feel more productive.


This weekend a group of people from the Berlin IIP and two friends from the Dublin IIP decided to take a long weekend trip to Amsterdam and we decided to stay in a boat which is where I am writing this blog from. Once again, one of my favorite things about Europe is how easy it is to travel from one completely different country to another. This is my first air bnb stay and it is turning out to be a very nice experience. Even though the boat is a tad small for 6 people, we are making the most of it. The weather has been beautiful and the people near where we are staying have been extremely helpful. We spent most of yesterday walking around the city center and exploring what the city has to offer. The architecture was laid out in a cool fashion and we ran into a street performance that lasted an hour which was amusing because he picked members of our group to participate in it. My time in Amsterdam has been lots of fun and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our day today takes us and most of tomorrow. I’ll check in next weekend to tell you about my thoughts of having only 1 week left after that!