International travel

I decided to come to Ireland for a number of reasons. The main reason was my dad’s family is very Irish so I’ve always been curious about the country. I wanted to see what the culture was like firsthand and experience a different country for the first time. After being in Dublin for a few weeks, I had adjusted to European culture and I felt ready to explore other countries in Europe, which led to my decision to come to the Netherlands.

Our trip to the Netherlands was unforgettable. When we first got there the first thing that I noticed was the beauty of the country. The countryside was very green and there was almost no litter. I also noticed that there were just as many bikes as there were cars. Much like other parts of Europe, you can ride a bike just about anywhere.We then traveled into Amsterdam, where we walked around the city and got to see all it had to offer. All of the buildings look very old, but well preserved and all of the people speak excellent English. The people here are much like the people in Dublin: very friendly to Americans and happy to give advice or directions. Overall, it was an excellent trip and it made me want to explore even more European cities.