10/10 vote for a round 2

During my time abroad I experienced the trip of a life time. I have learned first hand other countries culture norms which include England, France, and Germany. I never realized how important it was to engulf yourself in another society until I did this. Traveling the world is now a high priority to me because of this semester abroad and life enriching experiences. What surprised me the most was how accessible and easy the public transportation was no matter what country I was in. I come from a rural area where a car is a necessity so not being used to public transportation was a little shock. The transportation was extremely easy and most of the time it was faster to take a tube than it were to take an Uber. A piece of advice I would suggest to others would be to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Being a yes-man is no easy task though regarding sleep, so make sure you get enough sleep that you can function during your adventures. Doing this will surely give you unforgettable experiences. Partaking in an international internship has given me amazing opportunities. Not only will it help me with my future career, but I also made great connections with my coworkers which is invaluable in the business world. I came across a lot of different people in my very diverse work place which really opened my eyes to some new ideas. I would definitely consider living in London, England again. This city has constant motion as there is always something to do or a special event is taking place. With all my free time I’ve had over a six week period I still have a few items left on my bucket list to experience. Hopefully one day I will make it back to live there for a few years.


Cheers Mate