Looking Back

Looking back on my two and a half months here, I have nothing but great memories. I remember my first days here, jet lagged and ready to sleep at a moments notice, but still so eager to begin and start actually living and working. Those days quickly passed and I moved in with my host family and began working at my internship. The first weeks were certainly a little intimidating as I was thrown into life in a new country, language, and home. At the same time, I was happy with my situation, because I knew it would be the best way for me to learn and grow to get the most out of this experience. As the weeks past I grew more comfortable to my hone life, job and the city of Madrid and I really began to feel as if I was actually living there, not just visiting.

Then as I crossed the 5 week mark, time began to fly, and I began to realize how soon my time here would be coming to an end. My friends and I attempted to make the most of what we had by exploring Madrid, different cuties, and plenty of nightlife options. I began to do more with my coworkers including lunches and happy hours, and I even went to do a few activities with my host family. All of these experiences helped to enhance my time here and they make up some of the memories I will never forget.

In the end, I have learned and grown a lot while living here over the past two months. I was able to jump right into a job where I had real work to do, and the results I produced were useful and valued. I was also able to refine my interests of what I want in a job; both content wise, and workplace culture. My spanish speaking ability has reach a new level, and I am so proud of that, which furthers my desire to continue learning and speaking so that I will be able to use these skills down the road in future jobs or life endeavors. Overall, this trip was amazing! Although i am a little sluggish to go, I leave knowing that I certainly will be back, to take in even more of this great culture and hopefully share it with family and friends.