Deutschland Blog #11: Picnic in the Park

This weekend was marvelous. I did some activities that I had been wanting to do for a bit. For example, I went out and bought myself some Birkenstock shoes. Everyone at my work has them and I think they’re pretty cool. So I bought a pair and I’ve been wearing them fairly often.


Then I went to Mauerpark and looked at all the different stuff for sale. It was hot, but I loved walking around. I ate some lunch and then went to Sonnenallee. It’s this street that was divided when the Berlin Wall was up. I read a short novel about it in my German class last semester.


This week was pretty busy for me. I’ve been teaching the new intern how to do my jobs so that she can take over when I leave.  On Monday, I taught her how to look for events and then I completed that task myself. On Tuesday, I mailed something for the office. On Wednesday, we made a card for one of my bosses (Nadia) who will be leaving when I leave next week because she is having a baby. I also wrote an article. On Thursday, I taught the new intern how to do the job reports for the sales team. They are very complicated and it took some time to teach her. Then I had to work quickly in order to complete the job reports myself. Around 3 pm, the whole office went to Tempelhofer Park to have a party for Nadia. We ate so much food and had a wonderful time talking. I wish we had done that earlier. We didn’t leave until around 8 pm. I was exhausted, but happy.


Today, I made a collage for my bosses. Prince William and Duchess Kate are coming to Berlin next week and a handful of social businesses were invited to do a one minute presentation for them. My bosses thought it was a joke until they got a phone call that confirmed it was real. For tbd*’s slide of the presentation, we have a collage of all the people that we have interviewed with the asterisk overlaid. I think my bosses are fairly nervous, but I think it will be great publicity in addition to being an amazing event. I wish them luck.

Slide1_bigger copy.jpg

This weekend I will be visiting Dresden! Stay tuned for my final blog next week. Until then.


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