Beginning of the End

Updates: It’s the second to last week in Berlin, but it hasn’t hit me that I’ll be going home soon. I’m looking forward to home– seeing my parents and the dogs will be the first things I do. I’m actually excited to go home just to get back in my old routine. I miss american food (Chik-fil-a, I’m looking at you) as well as my staple food places I can’t live without. That’s another thing I’ll be doing when I get home, eating at my favorite restaurants!

This past week, Bill and his sister came to visit me. We had a great time! I showed them around Berlin like I actually knew the city. We took the obligatory walking tour the first day and after that, visited the TV tower, Reichstag, Museum Island, a few biergartens, and plenty of other places. I took them to the famous döner stand, the only good chinese restaurant in Berlin, and a Vietnamese place.

Although my internship is coming to a close, I’m actually excited to complete my work at the company. The work I research can become pretty mundane and boring at times, so you could say I’m ready to be done. The research I do is important, since it’s for the German Ministry. There’s a sense of importance to it, but I’m ready to close the books on it.

This weekend, I hope to make the most out of Berlin.

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