Week Number 9

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam, which was my first small excursion on the Berlin trip.  It’s so convenient how easy it is to travel from country to country in Europe.  The flight to Amsterdam only took an hour.  Holland is yet another country where everyone also speaks English.  The city of Amsterdam is much different from Berlin, in that it’s much more of a town than a city.  Amsterdam is not the company (especially start-up) infested city that Berlin is.  It is much more of a touristic town with restaurants and bars.  We stayed on a small Airbnb yacht for the two nights.  The weather was perfect for hanging out outside on the boat.  Staying on the boat was a great alternative to staying in a hotel or hostel.  The boat made the trip such a fun and memorable experience that actually costed less than traditional accommodation.  Our flight was scheduled for Monday night, but ended up being delayed until Tuesday morning.  Surprisingly, the easyJet airline gave us a free night at an extremely nice Hilton hotel.  All of our bosses understood the situation we were in, making the overnight stay even that much more relaxing.

It’s been a little over a week since moving to our new office, and the move was a successful one.  The space is much larger and has many more windows than the old office.  As there is no air conditioning in most German buildings, the increase in the number of windows and overall space has resulted in a much cooler work environment.  The office has more of a traditional office atmosphere, where the old office has a start-up atmosphere.