Last Weeks

It’s hard to believe that my two and  a half months in Madrid are up. I tried my best to make the most out of this trip both culturally and academically; and I think I succeeded. I could not have been happier with my home stay or internship placement. Although it took a few weeks to adjust to my internship, I started each day with an open mind and a positive attitude. This mentality paid off in the end and allowed me to profoundly connect with my coworkers and helped me to feel more comfortable with myself.

I decided to buy small gifts for my supervisor and another coworker I had grown close with. Tears filled their eyes as I gave them the gifts and It made me realize how truly grateful I am to have had this experience. They expressed that it was a pleasure  working with me and I told them that I hoped someday our paths with cross again.

My substitute supervisor Esther (right) and another coworker Auri (left). Esther is wearing the necklace I gave her!

In addition to growing closer to my coworkers throughout my time here, I also was able to see some of my Spanish family that a rarely get to see due to pricey plane tickets. I made the last minute decision to visit my two cousins and aunt in Cadiz, Spain. Definitely one of my favorite places. My cousins and aunt live across the street from the beach so we spent a lot of our time there. I was also able to meet their friends and experience a somewhat different way of living. On my last day there I decided to cook an American breakfast (scrambled eggs with cheese, BACON, toast with jelly and orange juice). My Spanish family was both intrigued and overwhelmed by how much Americans tend eat for breakfast.