Logan Kready: IIP Berlin Blog #9


This week at work I was given most of the responsibilities of a Regional Financial Controller. My supervisor wanted to see how I would perform in this position, and if I could handle the roles of one of his Controllers. At the end of the week, he ended up taking me out to dinner and we were able to discuss my progress and performance as an intern. He was impressed with my technical abilities and my knowledge of finance and accounting! During dinner, we also talked about the history of Sirius Facilities and how the foundation of such a growing and successful company was developed. My supervisor was able to give me career advice, based on his learning experiences as he assumed many different roles and positions at various companies in his own career as well.


I think one of the biggest reasons my internship was such a success, was due to how well my supervisor developed me as a finance intern. I am very grateful for the supervisor I was given. He has always been insistent on giving me challenging tasks, while his door was continuously open for me to ask any questions if needed. He constantly provided me with constructive feedback that allowed me to grow both as an intern and an individual. I have heard about some bad experiences with other interns’ supervisors, and realized I am very fortunate as I believe the supervisor is a vital part in framing the overall experience while abroad. Not only did I learn more about finance, I was able to observe and learn how to manage a team of individuals in a way that is positive, motivating, and efficient. If I ever have the opportunity to hold a position that is similar to my supervisor’s position as Finance Director, I would try to mirror the way he approached his job and responsibilities.


Besides work, I was able to explore a little more of Berlin as this was my last weekend abroad. I had the opportunity to visit Museum Island, which is where most of the famous museums within the city are located. This was a beautiful area, where I got to experience an up close view of the Berliner Dom and get most of my souvenirs for home. I also got to go to a light show that was projected on a building that is located directly next to the German Reichstag and along the Spree River. Along with the light display, the show provided us with a summary of the historical events that brought down the Berlin Wall in 1989, and how Germany progressed as a country in the years after until present day. I cannot believe I am coming up on my last week of work here in Berlin! I have had such an awesome experience, and the time has flown by! I am excited to see what my last week entails, and look forward to sharing with you all in my last blog post next week!

Auf Wiedersehen,