good weather in Ireland??

This week at work I began doing a research project dealing with the topic of peace through health and how non-governmental organizations can implement the idea into preexisting programs. I have been looking at different countries that my company works in, along with previous approaches to the topic. I have also been researching the global peace index and analyzing that which is really interesting.

Also, my supervisor is leaving for a few weeks on a work trip to Bangladesh. This means I have to be more independent at work and will be working on this same project throughout the next few weeks. And due to the five hour time difference and unreliable internet connection, it will be difficult to be in contact with her during her trip.

Aside from work, we had one of our favorite weekends thus far. We travelled to Howth on Saturday and Northern Ireland on Sunday. Both had amazing views and the weather was great for both trips, which is always a nice surprise here.