The Trump Question

The main question I often get asked and I am sure my fellow Americans also traveling abroad can validate too is constantly getting asked our view point on our current president, Donald Trump. The first couple times I was asked my view points in locals pubs or at my workplace I did not mind that much because if I was them I would be curious too. But after the 15th or 20th time I started becoming annoyed because the questions were starting to turn more into a blame game than actual inquiries.

Now as an American traveling abroad, it is easy for locals to just see me as a representation of the country and just blame me for allowing Trump to be in office. But it does get tiresome constantly saying that yes he is in office, no I do not agree with everything is done, no I do not particularly like him as president and no I do not know how America is going to fix it. They put the blame of everything Trump has done wrong in office thus far, from Russian emails to not agreeing to the Paris Accord on the American tourist like me and act like I can just wave a wand and make everything better. If only it was that easy.

When I first came here and heard these questions, I would often put a lot of effort into my political ideology and really think about my responses and voice my opinions even if they did agree with what Trump was doing. But the backlash was so harsh and judgemental that eventually I just stopped and would tell people what I know they would want to hear to save myself from uncomfortable situations.

I think it is hard for people outside of the states to really understand what it is like for so many differing opinions on how government should work for the people who live there and they need to take into account that I do not represent the entire country’s political view points and the people made a decision to elect him and now we just have to roll with it and anything I say or do is not going to change that fact.