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It still has not completely set in with me that my Berlin journey has come to a close. Who knew three months could feel so short. When I arrived to the Pittsburgh airport on Sunday, it felt that not much time had passed since I was on a departure flight. Though it flew by, each day was an experience that made my trip the amazing opportunity it was.

Three months.  In this time, I have grown close to my fellow IIP Berlin bunch, my team of coworkers, my daily routine of Vitachen breakfast, and just the overall culture that I became a part of while living in Berlin. It is weird to be away from it, but the memories I have made there will forever be with me. This opportunity has taught me so much; I have learned a tremendous amount about my field, working international, and more about myself.

Being placed with Ellis Williams Architects is definitely a highlight of this experience. The people I have met guided me through my first architectural internship. I was lucky to work with a great group of people at such a wonderful firm. Also, they gave me the opportunity to work at their Liverpool branch for a week which was way more than I would have expected as a student intern.

I am so thankful for each and every moment.

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