It’s About More Than Technical Skills

Seven weeks working at Linked Finance and I can truthfully say that I’ve gained a lot of financial experience that will be something that I can take back to school and use in all of my classes. On the other hand, I’ve learned things that cannot be applied to the classroom nor taught in it. These things are business etiquette and social cues within the workplace. For example, at Linked Finance there are some days where going out for lunch with coworkers is a must and is always a fun time. Never deny the opportunity to go out with coworkers even if you cannot stay long because getting to know them on a personal level will ultimately improve your working relationship with them and the office will have a much friendly tone to it. Another example of work place culture in Linked Finance is the friendly atmosphere that everyone works in. No one ever keeps to themselves and often employees collaborate constantly on projects which creates a team effort. This team effort is something that drives productivity within Linked Finance and has the office working at a steady pace.

On a separate note from work culture and etiquette within the workplace, I have also learned the true value of networking. At my time in Linked Finance I have met all of the employees and gotten to know their backgrounds. They all have been very friendly and most of them have even given me invaluable career advice. Not only that, but they now are all within my network and are willing to help me and use their resources to help me in my future endeavors. Aside from that, having Linked Finance now on my resume will open many doors for me. People who are familiar with Linked Finance will be connected, even people who know about Peer-to-Peer Lending will be connected. Overall, having internship experience is much more valuable than learning technical skills. It also helps you learn about different work cultures and work etiquette as well as learning the true value of networking as I did.