Looking back at Uruguay…

Well it’s 2 months later, and looking back I can’t begin to express how much I miss Uruguay. The last few days we were there consisted of a whirlwind of work.

We were given a Harvard Case with no instructions and told to solve the questions. The experience was great (and stressful), with my group working almost til dinner time in Uruguay (9pm) to get it finished. Before we presented our case however, we had our final exam. Overall, it was a crazy day, and I’m glad its over with!

The next day was the day I was supposed to leave, but my flight got cancelled a day. Luckily my buddy Flo was there to save the day and I stayed an extra day in Uruguay (it was a great treat).

On my flight home I had some time to reflect, and I realized how lucky I was to have gone to Uruguay with the group of kids I did. Ben, Evan, and Cory were some awesome students to have on the trip, and the Uruguayans were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Two of them are coming to visit Pittsburgh next year because they got scholarships to go to Canada. (Looking forward to seeing you flo and feli!!)

I didn’t think I’d want to go back to South America, but this trip has definitely changed my mind. Ciao Gracias Uruguay, hope to see you again! IMG_2439