Consigli di viaggiare


After over a month in the city of Genova (where did the time go???), I think I have finally started to get the hang of the locals, as well as the city itself. With that being said, here are some of my tips for anyone who wants to travel to Genova!

  1. Learn some basic Italian. I recommend this because not only is it polite to attempt to speak the language of the host country, but the locals will respect you more. Genova is not a big tourist town, and the locals are not necessarily friendly (unless you are buying something), but they do appreciate if you attempt to speak Italian with them, and your experience with the locals will likely be more enjoyable.
  2. Bring some comfortable walking shoes. The Italians walk everywhere, and you will be doing your feet a huge favor by opting for function over fashion.
  3. Take advantage of public transportation. Sometimes walking is not a feasible option (too far to walk, bad weather, etc.), and public transportation may seem overwhelming at first, but is surprisingly easy to use. Busses, the metro, and trains are all inexpensive and effective options in this area.
  4. Be social/ask for help if you need it. While the locals are not necessarily friendly to foreigners, they will help you if you need it. If you are lost, save yourself some trouble and ask for help.
  5. Try the local food. While some of the local cuisine may seem strange, try it anyways. You may be surprised by what you like! (And if you don’t, there’s always gelato).
  6. Do research before you arrive. This could be anything from getting a European SIM card (save some money, get a European plan and not an American one), to places to stay, to things you want to see or visit. It will save you some time and stress in the end if you have some semblance of a plan before you arrive!

I cannot recommend this city enough for anyone who loves to travel (and to eat), but I definitely wish I had known some of these things before I had arrived!