Butterfly Effect

Working primarily in sales this summer has taught me a lot about paying attention to the little things. Before this internship I never thought too much about the small details that can have huge effects on business. A small drop in the real estate market in Cyprus can have effects on investments coming from the Ukraine. The butterfly effect is very real and is constantly changing the landscape of international business. In order to be effective in the international sales field it is important to be aware of things that are happening all over the world. The most important thing to be aware of is politics. One of my most recent tasks at DDC Financial has been doing research on the effects of the recent political moves on the distressed securities market. The main things I have been focusing on are Brexit, Trump, and the French elections. There are so many small changes that happen from these huge decisions that shake up the market. To be successful in the sales field it is crucial to be knowledgable about the effects that come from these decisions.

Last weekend I visited the Prague castle for the first time. After passing it everyday and constantly talking about taking the castle tour I finally did it. It was a beautiful castle and made me regret putting it off for as long as did. With Only 10 days left in the Czech Republic it hit me that I have to start doing all these things I wanted to accomplish this summer. At the beginning of the summer it felt like I had all the time in the world, and now with barely over a week left I’m starting to cherish every last minute that I have in Prague.