11th Week in San Francisco

This is my last week in San Francisco and it would be my last post. I will fly back to Guangzhou China this Saturday and will be back to school on Aug 27. So in my final week, I am helping Manny and our team to write and revise the whitepaper for our company. We are going to do a ICO by leveraging the Ethereum Blockchain and their smart contract to tokenized the real estate property. The token we are going to issue are backed by real estate so should be much safer than other tokens on the market. And with the blockchain technology, the token are tradable with liquidity and can enjoy fair market value by the investors. This is not the best way to leverage blockchain on real estate but it definitely is a great progress in real estate industry. Besides moving on our business, Manny also held two seminar for crowdfunding and ICO. People from different industry show up and we have nice discussion, and after I introduce myself as intern from China doing research with Manny about crowdfunding, real estate crowdfunding, and ICO, many entrepreneurs show interest in me and they want me to help them to do some research in China. So I realize the influence of China in this world and my background in China is valuable. It is great to have this internship experience in San Francisco and I really learn a lot. I would like to end this summer internship and these series of posts with one of my favorite photo: Wide-field view of the Summer Triangle (ground-based image)

These photo is taken by Hubble Space Telescope and release on 11 December 2007. In this image we can see the asterism of the “Summer Triangle” a giant triangle in the sky composed of the three bright stars Vega (top left), Altair (lower middle) and Deneb (far left)