last weekend in Dublin

This week at work I continued doing an independent project with my supervisor still away. This has given me the chance to learn about the company I am working for on my own and do some research on it as well. I have found that we work in consortiums with other NGOs in Ireland as well as in the third world countries that we work in. In order to implement new projects in these areas, we need the help of many different organizations. This relates to the project I am working on because it is dealing with implementation of peace through health initiatives in the countries we work in. In order for these to be effective, they must be widespread and have a large backing. This is where the consortium of non governmental organizations comes into play. With a myriad of smaller companies coming together for one cause, it is more likely that we will be able to help the people in country and achieve the goals that we have set.

I think this is an interesting facet of the NGO sector, because in most sectors you experience extreme competition between companies. And, while competition is not completely eliminated in the field, it is certainly watered-down.

After work today, I will be heading to Scotland for the weekend. We have plans to see Loch Ness and the Highlands area as well as Edinburgh Castle. Sadly though, last weekend was our last weekend in Dublin since we are doing Scotland this weekend and Paris next weekend.