Climbing My Way Through The City of A Hundred Spires

Today marks my last full Saturday in Prague, and with a heavy heart, I am dreading to say good-bye.  Three months was not nearly enough time for me in this amazing place.  Prague itself is a beautiful city.  The architecture of all the buildings is astounding, and the history of it is inspiring.  I usually avoid the Charles Bridge due to the high amount of tourists, but when you walk on the bridge you cannot help but feel a part of history when you think about how old the bridge is and how it has withstood time.  It is an incredible feeling.

Speaking of the history and architecture, the City of Prague Museum has created a list of “Prague Towers.”  The list notes each of the most historic towers in Prague that are open to the public.  There are seven towers on the list and I have climbed six so far.

My tower journeys have allowed me to learn a lot about the history of Prague and get a pretty decent workout in since you must climb all of them up a spiraling staircase.  To me, nothing has yet to beat the feeling of emerging to the top of the tower where the wind takes your breath away as much as the view of the city before you.  I think that these towers are one of the things that I will miss the most.

Sometimes climbing these towers is hard due to the steepness and tightness of the staricase.  I found myself having to stop and catch my breath several times in one tower, all while sharing a laugh with the other tourists doing the same thing.  The climb, though, is part of what makes the top so incredible, and I think that this has a lot to say about life.

I was very uncertain about my future before starting this internship, and I was pressuring myself to pick an area of business to pursue a career.  After this internship, and after climbing these towers, I have learned that it is okay to not know your future for sure.  I have realized that similar to climbing those towers, there is only one way to go in life, and that is up.

I still have one tower left to climb, and I am saving it for one of my last days here in Prague, so that I can embrace the city fully one last time.  I am eager for this climb, and I feel that it will be a perfect ending to an unforgettable experience here in the city of a hundred spires.