KPMG Breakdown

KPMG is a large, multinational corporation that is based out of the Netherlands. It is broken down into three main groups: Audit, Advisory, Tax.


KPMG’s audit department maintains a group of clients for whom they assess the functions of the company to determine any potential risk factors and areas to improve their efficiency.


They model various business departments and capabilities to provide accurate and up to date risk management and financial consulting.


The KPMG Prague office has the largest group of tax advisors in the Czech market which allows them to provide in depth analysis of international and local tax law.

I worked under the advisory department working on a software that helps with the modeling of their clients businesses.

As a member of the Big 4 Auditing companies, KPMG’s major competitors are Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Considering these companies all have locations in major cities around the world, there is constant competition between the 4 to coral the largest clients on the market. What is challenging about having such a global reach is maintaining knowledge of all auditing regulations in the various markets around the world. KPMG Prague and KPMG New York may have the same divisions, but they have to be aware of the different rules that dictate their positions.