Cesky Krumlovely

Just like that another week has come and gone, and I have somehow reached my last weekend in the Czech Republic as part of the IIP program. I have to say this weekend has been a bit bittersweet. I celebrated my last night with  some of my friends before they returned home on Saturday, I danced with my coworkers at a Latin music hall for our last time out together, I explored a market I have yet  to visit in my neighborhood, Holesovice, and today I enjoyed a relaxing day at Cesky Krumlov while rafting along the river. Cesky Krumlov was a wonderful way to spend my last Sunday in the Czech Republic. While I have loved living in the beautiful city of Prague these past few months, it was nice to get a little taste of nature again. It was also interesting once again being in such a small group. I remember my first few weeks here dreading 40 other kids moving into our apartment after it had been just 7 Pitt kids occupying the entire building, but after getting to know some of these wonderful people it was hard to say goodbye this weekend.  

I think one of the most memorable parts of my experience here is all the people I have met. One of my favorite parts of Europe has been surrounded by people all the time from such a wide variety of backgrounds.  I have been surrounded by not only Americans and Czechs, every week I meet so many people from different backgrounds and ethnicities.  While America is known as the “melting pot” and there is certainly a lot of diversity, I feel as though there are far more expats in Europe than the states, particularly since the places  I have lived in in the past, Pittsburgh and York, are not necessarily known for their diversity. It may just be the nature of living in a tourist filled city, but I feel as though every weekend I get to meet someone from a new country both within or outside of Europe.

I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to work with the amazing international women at Cpl while here. I will forever be grateful for my daily lunches with Nadia, my random planking contests at work with Misa, or seeing Stepanka’s, or CPL Google’s,” incredible knowledge of the candidates we work with ( not to mention her killer salsa moves).

Now moving into my final week here, I am appreciating the last moments I have with the few remaining of our Prague family. Days like today, enjoying the company of these wonderful people while also getting to explore new places, are hard to come by and I’m not quite ready to say goodbye.