A Very Bohemian Sunday

This Sunday was one for the books. Five of us decided that we couldn’t leave the Czech Republic without visiting the famous city, Cesky Krumlov. I had first heard of Cesky Krumlov before I left for Prague from my aunt. She had been traveling through Germany and somebody had told her the one place in the Czech Republic she had to see was Cesky Krumlov, especially if she only had one day. After my trip, today I can say that whoever told her that was right.

I was a bit hesitant to only visit for the day since the city is a solid three-hour bus ride from Prague but it worked out perfectly. We arrived at around 11:00am and immediately visited the rafting rental company to reserve two rafts for two hours. We took to the high seas at 12:00pm and got back around 2:30pm. I have been rafting before but this was an adventure. The Vlatava river runs through the Czech Republic and is quite small through Cesky Krumlov. There was a different kind of feeling on the river than most I have been on and surprisingly it was because of the people on the river. I know my past blog posts haven’t shed the brightest light on Czech people but today was different. The river was crowded with colorful rafts, canoes and even kayaks but it felt like one giant get together with friends. Everybody was taking the beautiful, 80 degree Sunday to do something fun, especially since the past week had been cold and rainy. Everybody was mindful of people who were taking their time on the river and there were multiple spots to stop and grab a sausage or a refreshing cider. More times than not if somebody passed us they would smile and say “Ahoj!” which is used when you’re saying hello to a close friend. I would not have guessed any of these people were Czech based on my past experiences but I guess when everybody is having fun and enjoying themselves we’re not all really different after all.