T-2 Weeks left in Dublin

As I get closer to the end of my time in Dublin I’ve begun to realize how much I am going to miss it when I leave. This past Friday I went out to lunch with all of my coworkers and it made me think about how at home they all made me feel at Centralis from the start, which is something I will miss most about my time here. My internship in Dublin has been my first real glimpse at an office job in my field, and also to what life will be like for me post graduation, which is coming sooner that I would like. As scary as graduation is, my time at Centralis has made me less anxious about the future because my experience has been such a positive one. Being able to put the knowledge and skills I have gained during my past three years at Pitt has made me even happier about the path that I have chosen. This international experience has also made me see that living abroad is something that I am able to do, which is extremely reassuring because it is something I have always seen myself doing in the future.

This past weekend I took a trip to Edinburg Scotland and throughout the Scottish Highlands, and it has been my favorite place that I have visited thus far. Edinburgh has an old town that is all brick buildings and cobblestone streets. That combined with the friendly nature of all of the people just like everyone in Dublin, makes it the perfect city in my eyes. I think the thing I will miss most about being home is losing the ability to take spontaneous weekend trips to the UK and Europe. Me and and a group of friends are headed to Paris next weekend so let’s hope that trip is just as fun!