Last Week in Dublin

This week I am going to continue my discussion on, and further analyze the components that keep the company moving forward.

First off, Meetingsbooker’s organization culture is extremely relaxed.  There are no cubicles or desks- rather just a few large tables with people stationed around them.  This office layout allows for easy communication and collaboration when necessary, and it makes everyone feel like more of a team.  I also believe this office format breaks down the hierarchy of at the business, as both the CFO and CEO sit amongst the rest of their employees.  Its not uncommon for people to pull practical jokes or pranks around the office, and people are always laughing at each other which keeps the mood of the office very light and comfortable.

Building up from the internal culture of the company, I am now going to address the global environment of Dublin/Ireland and how it affects the success of the company.  Dublin is a small city, with minimal infrastructure – but they do have strong pharmaceutical and technology sectors.  7/10 biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world have their headquarters in Dublin, while on the other hand Google and Microsoft have both built large divisions in North Dublin.  These companes use to conduct the majority of their corporate level meetings in Dublin and the UK – allowing us to make large profits off of their large events. may be based in Dublin, but the success of the company depends upon the success of their clients.  As long as people continue to have face to face meetings across the world – their will be a demand for, and therefore the company will continue to succeed. In the coming decades I believe that meetings will transition into a more advanced form of Skype – similar to a virtual meeting.  However, until that form of technology advances to the point that it renders a face to face meeting obsolete, will be going strong.

When it comes to the value network principals of Meetingsbooker, our product is not produced nor maintained or adapted in any way, aside from a few updates and formatting changes.  Our product more or less is the online portal, which requires upkeep and constant additions.  As long as we continue to have a wide variety of meetings and events locations across the world, our product will continue to satisfy its customers for many years down the road.

With only 4 days left in Dublin, I am relatively certain that I am one of the last IIP’ers still in Europe! UCD (University College Dublin), has once again become very empty, as all the students from other programs have gone home, and to be honest, I am about ready to get back to the States myself.  I am planning on taking advantage of these last few days and really making the most of last week in this beautiful city.  Dublin has been so good to me, and this is without a doubt a summer that I will never forget!

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