Last Weekend

I got the opportunity to experience another European city this weekend when I traveled to Paris. It was an incredible experience and although it is an expensive city, it was well worth the money. We stayed in an airbnb, meaning we got to experience living in an actual apartment in Paris, as opposed to staying in a hostel. We also used public transportation to get around the city so we really got a feel for what daily life is like in Paris.

Obviously there were plenty of sites to visit and in the two days that we were in the city, we visited pretty much all of the main tourist attractions. I think my favorite things were going to the very top of the eiffel tower, and visiting Versailles Palace. The whole city just looks classy, even the regular apartment buildings look nice. It also was a nice surprise that a lot of people spoke English in the city, although there were a few times that communication was an issue. I had also heard that French didn’t like Americans before this trip, but they all seemed very welcoming to us. Overall, I think it was my favorite place that I’ve been and I would love to go back someday.