Exchange Program – University of Vienna (School of Economics & Business)

Hello Everyone! My name is Alec Davis and I currently on an exchange program in Vienna, Austria at the University of Vienna, School of Economics and Business. I am a marketing major and theatre arts minor.

I am originally from a town called Monroeville which is about 25 minutes east of Pittsburgh. I’d say an interesting fact about me regarding this trip is that, up until now, I have never left the Pittsburgh area for more than eight days at a time, and I plan to be in Vienna for the entire Fall Semester. This will be my second study abroad trip as I also did the International Marketing in Ecuador trip for the entirety of Spring Break but that was only a week long as well. I chose this program because it did have the classes that I needed to take for my major and it seemed the most well equipped for helping international students with a very helpful website that was easy to navigate.  I also really wanted to challenge myself in going to a country that did not have English as their primary language.

I do not speak German myself and I am taking a month long class to develop my skills. It has not been that bad since most people here speak English as a second language. Other than the slight language barrier, I am the only student from Pitt going to Vienna. There is a nervousness of meeting new people and being in Europe all by myself. That is a crazy feeling knowing that I have gone to a completely different part of the world all by myself. I have been here for the better part of a week now and I am already excited for the ability to get to know the city in regards to culture and the history. Austria is a country that sometimes gets overlooked in modern European history so I am excited to explore that, and to travel to different cities as well. I am very curious to see what these next few months will bring me!