Welcome to Vietnam!

After three flights and over twenty-four hours of travelling, I have finally made it to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am excited to be continuing on the next stage of my research project that is looking into the relationship between social entrepreneurship, the economic concept of the Bottom of the Pyramid, and my idea for a fashion start-up in a global context. From Cape Town, South Africa two summers ago to Berlin, Germany two months ago to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam now, I am working to embrace the idea that business today is global and must be looked at from a global perspective. My research is allowing me the opportunity to gain such a global perspective and apply it to the three main focus areas of my research.

Here in Vietnam, I will be focusing on the Textile and Manufacturing and the Fashion industry to understand how it operates on both a local, small, start-up scale and a broader, more complicated, global scale. I have been fortunate enough to be connected with the University of Economics and Finance in Ho Chi Minh City, and the staff there have been unbelievable kind enough to help me schedule meetings with UEF faculty and local companies. I cannot wait to begin immersing myself in the Vietnamese culture and meeting local contacts to progress with my research.