Hi Everyone! 

A little bit about myself: my name is Michael Ann Henne and I’m currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I’m pursuing a double major in Finance and Business Information Systems in Pitt Business, along with a minor in Economics and a certificate in Business Analytics. I’m from Media, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia. I’m not completely sure what I want to do in terms of after-college goals. I thought I wanted to go into the corporate world, but I’ve recently been thinking otherwise. I’ve been looking into the business aspect of different organizations that focus on wildlife conservation, environment conservation, etc. I’m not really sure how successful I will be, but I know I want to bridge my passion for wildlife and helping the environment along with my love for business.

Why Australia? I have wanted to go to Australia since I knew what animals were. I am a HUGE animal lover– I even tried to go into environmental studies, until I got a C in geology and realized it wasn’t for me. I cannot even begin to describe how excited and grateful I am to be studying abroad in Australia. And, I don’t even think it’s completely hit me yet. It probably won’t hit me until I’m on the plane heading over there.

I chose this program mainly because of the location. The Global Business Institute programs allow you to pick from several different areas of the world. I knew that I would have the chance to travel to Europe. I wanted to use this opportunity and my tuition to go somewhere that I might not have the time, or money to do so in the future. I’m taking three classes: International Finance, International Economics and Australian Cinema. All three of those courses knock out some sort of requirement. I also chose to do the internship while abroad. I have not heard back about what my internship will specifically be, but I am very excited for that. I hope it is not too intense, but I do hope the internship will be something worthwhile.

Excited about: ANIMALS, scenery, the people (I heard they are much nicer over there!), studying at a different university, new people and places and adventures!!

I’m also excited for my family to visit me. My dad, mom, brother, and his girlfriend, Lauren, are coming to Sydney the day before my program ends. We are going to stay an extra two weeks. My dad got the Frommer’s Easy Guide to Australia (2018), so I’ve been reading that. I plan to spend this month reading up on Australia and the important places to visit.

Worried about: not taking advantage of enough opportunities, missing my friends and family, missing my rats!! (I have three pet rats: Bug, Twig, and Fig and I love them so much), MONEY

I do know that Australia is one expensive place. A couple of friends did the same program, but over the summer, and said that they spent way more money than expected. I am nervous about budgeting my money, especially since I’m going to be there for over three months.

The next time I write, I will be in AUSTRALIA.