Quick Trip to Rome and the Vatican City!

This past weekend in Rome was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. All I had to do to make it happen was take an hour and a half train ride.

To be able to do what I just did from the U.S. requires months of planning, hundreds… even thousands of dollars saved up, and much more hard work. I am so fortunate to be here in Florence, where all it took to get to the most historical city in the world was hop on a quick train. I have always been a history buff, and constantly try and imagine what Ancient Rome must have been like. One of the most impressive civilizations in history, I was so curious to see their remains for myself and learn even more. GBI Florence provided me with a perfect opportunity to do so,

Since I finish classes on Thursday afternoon, my roommates and I were able to get up early Friday morning and take the beautiful 20 minute walk across the Arno River to the Firenze Santa Maria Novella Train Station. From there we booked a ticket on a high speed train down to Rome and before we knew it, we had arrived. We booked an Airbnb home right in the center of historical Rome, only a 20 minute walk from both the Coliseum and the Vatican City. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

I was able to walk through the Roman Forum, the astonishing remains of what was once the center and most elegant are of the ancient empire. I saw so many incredible buildings that are still partly standing today, and even was able to walk into and tour the Coliseum and the Pantheon with an audio guidance. It was one of the most special things I’ve done. I learned so much about the history of the Roman Empire and their impacts on the world that still remain today.

Then, my friends and I travelled to the Vatican City and toured the museum as well as the Sistine Chapel,¬†Michelangelo’s greatest piece of art. There is something so special about Rome, seeing an entire modern, bustling city build right among some of the oldest and most beautiful structures in world history. It was such a treat for me combining art and history in such an elegant way. The trip was beautiful and exciting and truly left me in awe.

This trip was only made possible by my wonderful Florence program. The staff in the CAPA Center helped my friends and I in figuring out our trip and urging us to do certain things. When we arrived back in Florence, we all felt happy to be back home in such a comfortable city and apartment.