January in London – Post 3 (Paris)

Our learning network, CAPA, offered an optional program through Something New that took students to Paris for the weekend! Fortunately, they provided hotel accomodation, tours, transportation to and from Paris to England, and breakfast. We took the EuroStar from St. Pancras International Station and arrived in Paris early Friday morning.

We started our tour at the Arc de Triomphe and Les Champs Elysees, then ended the day the Louvre where I saw the Mona Lisa! The food there was great, but limiting to a vegetarian. I also noticed the language barrier was much more prominent, obviously compared to England.

The next day, we had a tour of Bastille and saw the Eiffel Tower. The tour was great because it provided us a way of seeing the must-see attractions, but gave us enough room to explore on our own. We finished our days at around 3 pm, and were given the ability to see elsewhere. My favorite part of Paris was Montmartre, which was the art district of Paris. It was on a hill in the middle of the city and gave you a view of the historic section. We also saw where Van Gogh and Picasso stayed!